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your home; options in replacing wood floor - the new york times,nov 21, 1999 . variety of options for installing new wood floors discussed (your home column) (m) . your home; options in replacing wood floor .. while that problem can generally be avoided by installing the new floorboards at right angles to the existing ones, he said, that can result in an odd look for the new floor,..

how to replace tongue and groove hardwood floor in the middle .,one of the best benefits of hardwood is that it is easy to replace a single piece, especially if you use tongue and groove hardwood. you don't have to . the entire board. be careful not to scuff up any of the surrounding boards during this process or, if your wood floor is flush with concrete, to damage the bit of your power drill

2018 cost to install or replace hardwood flooring | average price .,traditional wood flooring typically comes in narrow boards that are 3 inches wide or less, or planks that measure 7 inches or more. . for example, furniture removal and replacement, repairing the subfloor and removing and disposing of the old floor all bump up the overall cost of the project more than simply having an..

how to cut out and replace a hardwood flooring plank - ambient .,may 30, 2017 . refrigerator leak? dog had an accident and you didn't get to it fast enough? gouge your beautiful wood floor dragging a couch across it? don't worry we'll show you how to replace the damaged flooring planks. cutting out and replacing damaged hardwood floor planks just takes a bit of elbow grease,..

when hardwood floors are worth saving | hgtv,"ninety-five percent of the time, if not more, you can refinish a hardwood floor, replace boards, make repairs and have a very nice floor." as with just about everything else in remodeling, the key issue is expectations. homeowners who have old floors should not expect them to look like brand-new floors, according to sprigg..

how to: repair hardwood floors - the craftsman blog,jan 7, 2013 . unknowing homeowners and contractors rip out or cover up these amazing floors when they could be saved and used for another 100+ years! other than refinishing hardwood floors, the most typical repair we run into is board replacement. it may seem daunting to remove a tongue and groove floor board..

replacing hardwood floor boards | checking in with chelsea,may 1, 2018 . a step-by-step video that shows you how to remove and replace tongue and groove oak hardwood floor boards to make it look like a hole was never there! how to patch a wood floor diy projects & videos - ron hazelton,jun 28, 2017 . face-nail with a pneumatic nail gun to secure replacement planks. secure the new planks by face-nailing them with a pneumatic nail gun. edge-nailing through the tongue is impossible because the planks were adjusted and dropped into place rather than fitting them with their original tongue and groove..

how to repair hardwood floors | this old house,but it's impossible to scrub out stains that have soaked into the wood fibers. and sanding only creates a depression in the floor that's more noticeable than the stain. the only option to repair hardwood floors at this point is to cut out the stained floorboards and install new ones. we replaced a couple of boards from a standard..

board replacement: good as new | hardwood floors magazine,aug 1, 2017 . one of the advantages of wood as a flooring option is that it can be renewed to look new again. there are times, however, when this can be a challenge. one example is when there is a single board, or several, that cannot be touched up or repaired. in these cases, the damaged boards must be replaced

how to repair and patch hardwood flooring - renovated haven,sep 29, 2016 . it today's post i am going to cover how to repair and patch hardwood flooring. this includes removing and replacing floor boards. a properly repaired and patched hardwood floor, as intended, goes unnoticed. but when done improperly it can be a real eye sore. as i mentioned in my last post we came..

repairing water damaged wood floors |,depending on the amount of water and how long it's been on the wood, the damage could be as slight as a small stain or so bad you will actually need to replace some boards. however, before you get into replacing boards, here's some ideas on how you can repair water damaged wood floors. start by drying the floor

refinish or replace wood floor - bob's blogs - bob vila,recently my wife and i moved into a co-op. it's kind of like a condo but with a few additional restrictions about what you can and can't do without approval from the co-op board. one thing we didn't need permission to do was replace the wood flooring in the living room/dining area. the 280 square feet of narrow oak strips..

plank replacement guide -floor care - chelsea plank flooring,**plank replacement is a moderate to difficult procedure that should only be attempted. by a skilled craftsman or an individual confident in their woodworking abilities**. required tools and materials: circular saw; fine tooth carbide blade (new); straight edge; pry bar (small); wood chisel; utility knife; sanding block (120..

how to repair and replace boards in a hardwood floor. - pinterest,replacing oak-strip flooring requires a little ingenuityand a really sharp chisel

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replace hardwood floor board