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hurricane irma: preparing your pool before the storm | wftv,sep 5, 2017 . orlando, fla. - here are some useful tips for preparing your swimming pool before a storm and taking care of it after the storm. don't drain water from pool. leave water level alone. draining, so it won't overflow, is pointless. if you drain it more than a few feet below normal and the ground gets saturated,..

10 ways to prepare your home for hurricane season - cbs news,jul 11, 2016 . "it is very important to note that the seasonal outlook cannot forecast where and when storms will form, let alone if/where they will make landfall and what the impacts would be," said dennis feltgen, public affairs officer for noaa's national hurricane center. "it only takes one storm hitting your area to make..

how to prepare your garden for a tropical storm or hurricane .,jul 10, 2013 . there are some things i do, however, and you can do in your home garden, to better prepare your plants for a storm. . know when the storm is likely to hit and plan on preparing a couple of days before. . if trellises are staked in the ground, just pull them up and lay them on the ground with plant attached

swimming pool leak detection after a hurricane,sep 25, 2017 . hopefully, you had time to prepare your yard and pool for the heavy winds and rain. hurricane category 2 or 3 wind velocity can damage pools and spa tubs along with decks and patios. the pool's best defense against the wind and rain is a tight cover that is connected to the ground so that the wind cannot..

how to prepare before a hurricane hits - nerdwallet,sep 6, 2017 . if none can be found, look for a hotel that accepts animals and is on high ground. the furry members of your family should also have a disaster kit ready to go. check out the humane society's checklist for a good pet emergency kit that includes sturdy leashes and at least five days' worth of water and food

3 simple steps to prepare your above-ground pool for a storm,according to the national hurricane center, the season for hurricanes in the northeast is june 1 to november 30 right in the middle of pool season! but don't worry preparing your namco above-ground pool for a storm is as easy as 1-2-3. just follow the simple steps below to protect your pool against possible damage..

garden help: tips for preparing your yard for hurricane season .,sep 5, 2017 . while writing this article, hurricane irma is approaching the florida coast. gov. . mulch will frequently be washed away from plant beds, so prepare to replace it once the storm is over. if beds are . small container plants/hanging baskets can become airborne, as can patio umbrellas and furniture. people..

how to prepare inground pools for rain and windstorms,oct 26, 2015 . its impact on your swimming pool depends not only on where you live, but also how well you prepare your pool and patio area for an onslaught of wind and rain. according to the national . so, how do you keep godzillaand any nasty stormfrom wreaking havoc on your backyard resort? consider some..

how to prepare for a hurricane at the last minute | today's .,secure outdoor furniture: loose items in your yard can become flying projectiles during a hurricane due to high winds. move any unsecured items in your yard including patio furniture, lawn chairs, bird feeders, hanging plants, and toys inside your house or garage if possible. if you can't move outdoor item in, use a..

how to prepare for a hurricane - city of miami,how to prepare for a hurricane explains how to protect yourself and your property, and details the steps to take now so that you can act quickly at a time when every second . local officials for community evacuation or seek higher ground for localized flooding. ... bring patio furniture, garden tools, garbage cans, and toys

how to prepare your pool and yard before a storm - the spruce,sep 10, 2017 . if a storm or hurricane is approaching, the last thing you want to worry about is what to do with your swimming pool, patio furniture, plants, and yard. . otherwise, the hydrostatic pressure can be too strong, possibly causing the pool to "float" or "pop" out of the ground, according to the official broward

preparing your pool for a hurricane | america's swimming pool .,aug 25, 2017 . important tips to include in your storm preparation plan this hurricane season. . an empty pool can cause the water table (underground) to rise. this will result in a concrete pool to rise and pop out from the ground. . be sure to put away anything that is not secured to the deck. store all pool side furniture,..

how to prepare your lawn and home for a hurricane - youtube,jun 4, 2014 . landscape specialist and horticulturalist "nate the garden guru" (nathan graboff) shares tips on how to hunker down and prepare your yard and lawn before the..

hurricane irma 2017: how to prepare for hurricane irma - business .,sep 5, 2017 . the severity of hurricanes this year has left people scrambling to prepare. if you're wondering what to do before hurricane irma hits, here are recommendations

how to prepare your deck for a hurricane - decks & docks lumber .,sep 26, 2017 . we're currently at the height of another hurricane season. it's been estimated that harvey and irma have collectively caused up to $200 billion in damage. that means that knowing how to effectively prepare for a hurricane is essential right now. the first thing on your mind when preparing for a hurricane is..

how to prepare your dock for hurricane irma - decks and docks,sep 6, 2017 . hurricane irma is blazing a trail through . if you have a fixed dock, you may want to remove your boat from the water and store it on high ground. a fixed dock may not be able to..

hurricane preparedness procedures : facilities,oct 22, 2010 . remove mirror from smith lab entrance driveway. planning note: it is critical to have the stockroom open during all hours of storm preparation once condition 3 actions are initiated! shut off and remove all propane gas cylinders and move to high ground. remove/secure all loose items on main dock, mall,..

prepare your pool - city of north miami beach, florida,may 31, 2017 . taking the time to prepare your pool and yard . do not lower the water level in your swimming pool excessively, or it may pop out of the ground if there is flooding with the storm (softened ground can . don't throw patio furniture in the pool unless you are willing to have it damaged/bleached by chlorine

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preparing ground for decking hurricane