building a wooden deck over concrete and clay

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building on solar reflectance: meeting cool roof standards with .,mar 7, 2017 . both concrete and clay tile have high thermal mass, so they store heat like a sponge that can soak up a certain amount of water before any starts to drip out. . a variant on this method involves counter-battens fastened to the deck running perpendicular to the ridge, and then parallel battens atop those

building a wood deck over a concrete slab - straight dope message .,nov 18, 2014 . building a wood deck over a concrete slab general questions. . i've been looking online and it doesn't seem that hard to put a wood deck on top of it. ... to beat concrete as as a ground cover for under a deck - it drys well, water mostly runs off it, much less likely to get musty than plain loam or even clay

10 tips for building better decks - ecohome,jun 7, 2016 . meeting setbacks and getting permits in canada; creating a solid base structure: cement pillars (sonotubes), screw piles, floating deck blocks; wood selection . clay will expand and shrink depending on its moisture content, so it isn't just about a potential heave over the winter; a deck built on clay can be..

building a stationary dock | professional deck builder | foundation,jul 1, 2008 . even though where i work codes rarely require railings on a dock, i still think they're a good idea for the sides (figure 2). if someone fell . at the latter two points, i drive in steel concrete stakes; i run a string between them to create an offset line from which i measure to locate the support posts. this offset line..

how to install decking : diy extra diy guides,apr 9, 2015 . a complete diy guide to constructing and installing timber decks and decking. raised decks, wooden decks. . it can be laid over an existing concrete patio without having to dig it up and, with a bit of regular care, can remain in good condition for many years. before installing a deck of any size, it is worth..

questions about deck footings and pier sizes for an average deck,may 1, 2010 . how large should concrete piers and footings be for an average deck? . i am planning to build/rebuild a deck that is attached to the house and hangs over a daylight basement. . i really don't like the idea of having wood in contact with concrete due to the fact that the posts will be more prone to decay

natural slab floor over a concrete slab -,dec 13, 2006 . learn tips on installing earthen floor skim over concrete slab foundation in this post. . you will need to be sure you have enough thickness to the slab (either concrete or earthen) to avoid cracks while at the same time, make sure your wood deck can handle the extra weight of the thicker slab without..

constructing a base for a shed - fountain timber products,the following steps will take you through how to build a base, including how to make formwork (wooden framework constructed to form concrete pad) and how to prepare and . on soft clay, or on larger buildings, increase the thickness to 4" (100mm) laid on 2" (50mm) of finely broken and compacted hard-core if required

how to lay brick pavers on a concrete slab porch | today's .,to improve the look of a concrete slab porch a layer of solid brick pavers can be added on top of the existing slab. watch this video to find out how. . set the remaining courses of brick pavers in a bed of mortar, making sure the space between the bricks is uniform. use a grout bag filled with mortar to fill the joints between..

clay tile and concrete tile | everybody needs a roof,roof deck. nrca recommends tile roof systems be applied over continuous wood decking. when plywood is used, nrca recommends the use of a minimum 5/8 . many synthetic underlayments do not meet current building code requirements, so manufacturers need to obtain a code evaluation report for code compliance

boral roofing clay tile frequently asked questions faq - about .,even today you can still see handmade clay tiles on roof tops inside the shaolin temple dating back to 495 ad. us tile has refined the manufacturing process . all tiles were attached to the experimental roof decks in accordance with tables 15-d-1 and 15-d-2 of the uniform building code. both clay and concrete tile were..

2003 international building code - international code council,tween each course of a wood-shake roof covering. mechanical .. building shall not be permitted to flow over public property. exception: group r-3 and . 1505.2 wind resistance of clay and concrete tile. clay and concrete tile roof coverings shall be connected to the roof deck in accordance with chapter 16. 1505.3 wind..

how to build a deck over concrete slab - youtube,feb 1, 2016 . how to build a deck over concrete slab . i didn't want to ave my joists resting on the concrete so these should work beautifully! cheers mate. read more. show less. reply 1 2. michigan mobile welding1 year ago. can we get these joist supports in the usa? i looked on your website and doesnt offer it?

how to pour a slab on clay soil | home guides | sf gate,build a wooden frame for your slab, using a carpenter's level to make sure that the walls of the frame are leveled properly. drive wooden stakes into the ground on the outside of the frame, securing the frame to the stakes with nails or screws to hold it in place

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building a wooden deck over concrete and clay