how do you make a fence in junk jack

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o-nail - junk jack wiki,sep 12, 2013 . o-bridge · o-wood chest · o-ladder · o-bamboo bridge · o-bamboo ladder · bookshelf · o-closet · o-cuckoo clock · o-der · o-lantern · o-small closet · o-sofa · o-tuffet · o-wall pendulum · o-wood barrel · o-wood fence · o-wood shelf · o-wood chair · o-wood table · o-hen house · o-cowshed..

junk jack on the app store - itunes - apple,chosen by the appstore as one of the #bestof2013 crafting games in 9 countries! * welcome to junk jack! it is a 2d sandbox where you can explore, build and survive in randomly generated procedural worlds, full of monsters, hidden treasures and beautiful landscapes, now even in multiplayer with friends! we are glad to..

o-wood fence - junk jack wiki,sep 11, 2013 . this page is for junk jack retro. if you're looking for the junk jack page try the search bar or looking here. cowshed. 3 fences (one automatically turned to a gate) linked to a stable. you can use the wood fence to decorate your house exterior or as a door when connected to other fences or a stable

breeding - junk jack wiki,dec 1, 2017 . breeding refers to housing animals in specific stables so that they can reproduce. when taming collars are used on the appropriate animal, pocket animals will be transferred into your inventory. to put the animal into the stable, simply hold it in your hand and tap the stable. each stable can hold up to three..

o-cowshed - junk jack wiki,sep 8, 2013 . if a o-cow and bull are both present and well fed they will breed and make a o-calf. three o-cattle can be kept in this stable. o-cattle will eat: leaves, o-wheat, o-grass, o-lettuce, animal food and maybe other things. as with all stables, it will link with wood fences and form gates where needed

nail - junk jack wiki,apr 1, 2017 . . simple closet · simple low closet · simple tuffet · wood fence · wood scaffolding · bright wood panel · dark wood panel · drenched wood panel · ebony wood panel · grey wood panel · green wood panel · granite bridge · light wood panel · limestone bridge · marble bridge · spider web bridge..

doors - junk jack wiki,dec 18, 2016 . doors are utility blocks which can be opened and closed by the player; as well as electronically, opening when they receive a high signal and closing when they receive a low. there are many different doors available, some being craftable and some found in biomes deep underground. a closed door will..

cowshed - junk jack wiki,sep 22, 2015 . a cowshed is a stable used to hold cows and bulls. it can hold up to 3 animals. [edit] appearance. the cowshed has a wooden floor and a wooden roof. it has 4 iron supports and an iron pot in the middle of the wooden floor. [edit] crafting. to craft a cowshed you need 2 wood planks, 1 nail, 4 iron bars,..

o-crafting - junk jack wiki,aug 7, 2017 . you don't need to have the specific note for a craft to produce it; the notes are used only to teach you the patterns that you need to create to assemble items. ... fence doors will be automatically placed at edges. o-workbench . the camp fire is useful to make light and cook basic recipes at the same time. 1..

o-breeding - junk jack wiki,mar 11, 2014 . [edit] capturing animals. first you will need to make some taming collars. once you have those run around until you find the animals you want, you will want a male and female of any species you wish to breed. when you find an animal you want to capture simply walk up next to it and tap it with a taming..

woodworker bench - junk jack wiki,jul 16, 2015 . the woodworker bench is an addon that allows for various decoration items or blocks to be built. note: this addon was added in the 2.0.5 update and is used to make all of the items which used to be made at the carpentry bench

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how do you make a fence in junk jack